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Appliance repair, wiring and more – just give us a call!

Emergency electricians in Ealing borough – always happy to answer your call! We will show within the hour from contacting us, and handle any kind of electrical failure. Appliances, wires, lighting and other fixtures are not a mystery for us – we are proficient in installations, maintenance and repair of all of them.


Fixtures in your walls or ceilings, that illuminate your surroundings in your home or place of work, are often forgotten about, until they break. That it also the reason, why you call us. Do not hesitate to do so, we will come within 60 minutes, day or night, and assist you with your problem.


Dryers, washing machines and fridges are so indispensable and common in our lives that when one of them fails it comes as unwanted surprise to us. However, after initial shock, all you need to do is call us and we will handle it – we come prepared and ready to repair all that is broken. Installations and maintenance, are also our forte, so do not hesitate and contact us!


Dealing with wiring can be frustrating, especially if they are not yet up to standards. But that is why we are here, ready to refurbish your installations or in case of emergency, repair what is broken. Whether it is fuse, outlet or wiring – we can help you make it work and be up to regulations.


If you need any further encouragement, we are happy to inform you about 10% discount for new customers! Contact us also about 15% discount for loyal clients.


24 hours a day, we wait for your call and will arrive within 1 hour. Day or night, we will fix the lighting or repair the wiring – contact us immediately in case of emergency!


Our work is our pride, so with full confidence in it, we provide 12 months of guarantee on our repairs. You can depend on us!

Ealing area

Your local electricians in Ealing borough


At your service!

We are here for you, passing through your neighborhood many times a day.

We provide professional electrician services in your vicinity:

  • Wiring and lighting repair
  • Appliance repair
  • 24/7 emergency electrician
  • Testing and inspections

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